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BCLS Paver Patios FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q- Are these your designs?

  • No, the designs represented on our website are used under license agreement with our strategic partner, While they own the designs, we have the rights to market the designs and our company then installs the patios and accessories.


Q- Can a design be modified?

  • Yes, designs can be modified to meet specific site conditions or a purchaser’s design modification request. All design modifications incur a minimum design fee of $ 150.00 to be paid by credit card prior to the design be completed.

Q- If I do not like any of your designs can a custom design be done?

  • Of course; we are experienced hardscape designers and can design any type of outdoor living environment. Our patio consultant will work with you on both understanding the custom design process and any related design fees.

Q-   Are the price shown the actual price we would pay?

  • Yes; so long as your site conditions meet the requirements of the prices shown.


Q-   What are those conditions?

  • Your grade must not slope more than 6” at any furthest point.

Q-  What if my grade slopes greater than 6”

  • If you grade slopes greater than 6” or if it is determined that your grade is not suitable for a level patio area a wall might be necessary.

Q- What happens if a wall is necessary?

  • If a wall is necessary, your patio consultant will offer suggestions and pricing on a wall or perhaps other suitable suggestions to resolve the grade issue.

Q- Are your employees trained?

  • Yes; our installers have been trained in all facets of hardscape construction. Many of our installers are Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) certified.

Q- Are your patios built like other professional patio companies?

  • Yes of course, our patios are all constructed on a crushed aggregate base compacted to maximum compaction. Pavers and walls are constructed to manufactures specifications. All our patios receive a paver restraint edge and upon completion an application of Super Sand Bond Polymeric Sand in all paver joints. We clean-up all work areas upon completion and leave your property ready for you to enjoy your new outdoor living environment.

Q- Are your patios guaranteed?

  • Yes, all of our hardscape installations are guaranteed for 2 years for workmanship. Products are guaranteed by the manufacture per their terms and conditions. (please see our contract for specific ‘terms and conditions’ and the manufactures website for their product warranty.

Q- Once I sign a contract, how long does it take before my patio is installed?

  • Once you sign and execute a contract including deposit you are placed on the production schedule. Typically; once you are scheduled work will get done 30 days or less. Please keep in mind that seasonality of our business and weather plays a role in the actual time frame once scheduled. Your sales consultant will advise you of this timeline during the consultation process.

Q- How long is the installation process?

  • Most outdoor living environments are constructed within one week. Given the size of your project will determine the actual build time. Your sales consultant will advise you of this timeline during the consultation process.

Q- If I have additional questions, how best can they be answered?

  • Any questions will be answered both promptly and informatively. You may contact our office at 804.752.0052 to speak with a patio consultant or you may complete the inquiry form on this website. A patio consultant will contact you within 24-hours of your call.
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